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Sriram Herbals
I would like to assure you that I have had excellent results with your formulas. We as doctors know that your products are carefully manufactured and have proven to be very effective."the good work."

Dr. M. S. Rama
Sriram Herbals

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Sriram Herbals

Sriram Herbals

Sriram Herbals

Sriram Herbals

Sriram Herbals Sriram Herbals
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Men Sexual Health

Men Health (Sex Enhancement)

Men Health Sex Enhancement

  • For erectile dysfucntion
  • To increase sexual desire levels
  • To increase libido
  • To delay the ejaculation
  • Increase vitality and stamina for the sex

1 Month (120) Capsul Capsules $55.00
2 Month (240) Capsules $99.00
3 Month (360) Capsules $132.00



Impotence is the inability to get an erection, and experiencing this could be very frustrating some time. It may be a rare problem or sometimes occur periodically or chronically also. It can result into anxiety, depression, and several other problems, as it can also lead to the man questioning his sexual prowess. Disease like diabetes can cause impotence, while other factors such as over-work, worry, and fatigue can result into this extremely frustrating experience.

  • Circulation of blood is of prime importance there should be a 100% flow of blood to the penis.
  • Nutrition also plays an important role in sexual prowess.
  • Zinc is an ingredient needed for testosterone and sperm production


Sexual peak among men comes in early adulthood and then starts decline but men can stay sexually active for a longer. It can be seen as a contributing factor for sexual dysfunction among men is a most often used excuse for not to having sex. However, age as such does not make them sexually inactive.


A male body needs testosterone for normal sexual functioning and if somebody is facing such a problem then no need to worry as it can easily treatable by a medical doctor. There is no declaration that testosterone levels can effect on the size of the penis.
There are various conflicting studies, which says different things like decreased testosterone levels affects sexual behavior, while some studies discovered on the amount of testosterone required to perform properly.

Alcohol and Other Substances

Consumption of alcohol in large quantity or certain addictive substances can result into an increase in libido. But this can also possibly give you erectile dysfunction due to them. Addictive substances such as alcohol may lead to problems like an erection dysfunction and an increase in time to ejaculate. Chronic alcoholism & substance abuse may result in impotence. It gradually destroys testosterone and the body does not compensate for this loss.it u wish to lead a healthy sexual life then you should avoid such things.


There are various drugs prescribed for a number of problems - from high blood pressure medication to anti-anxiety, anti-depression drugs and also some medication for ulcers etc. They may result into loss of libido and cause impotence and several other sexual disturbances that could consist breast enlargement as well as decreased emission, etc. Always ask doctor about the side effects of the medication he is prescribing you and if it can give some harmful effects so, ask him to suggest some safer substitute of such medicine.

Himalayan Niagra For Men

People can try some herbal sexual supplements for sexual desire enhancement among men enhance which help you to improve your sexual desire and performance. However, there is no pill or capsule which can change the physiological size overnight.

Our herbal sexual supplement/ men sexual enhancer does with great success, is to ensure that you achieve the libido and enhance your performance time and there by preventing the premature ejaculation.

The herbs also has a "warming" effect, and helps to increase the libido naturally, without any side effects, as is the case with many sexual medications.

We do not claim that is impossible to substantiate and got a faithful following of satisfied clients, who have been taking HIMALYAN NIAGRA from some time and found it effective.

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